Monday, March 12, 2012

Come to the end (part 2)

Zweinz, with all The Dark Legion come and start to block Leafa’s armies advance. Charlegmene has set all mines trap in Lenthom’s territory. Reinforcements from Intervalen kingdom have come.

-Charlegmene : everyone, let’s go back. They will arrive here in minute
-Army : all done,sir. We’ll start to leace now.

Zweinz and The Dark Legion have come, they don’t know they were trapped with Charlegmene tactic, half of The Dark Legion killed by it.

-Army : sir, all mines have been exploded.
-Charlegmene : and how about the percentage the tactic?
-Army : 21%,sir.
-Charlegmene : are you sure? The half of their armies have succesfuly defeated,right?
-Army : Zweinz is 70% power of their army, and The Dark Legion just 30%.
-Charlegmene : we got to continue the advance before they know we are here now.
-Army : right,sir.
-Zweinz : grrrr,,,,what’s that? The human, will not take down The Dark Legion.
-Charlegmene : so, how do you feel? Mines tactic drowning on your body.khu khu
-Zweinz : how dare you! You’ll never win against me!
-Charlegmene : we’ll never know, if we don’t try
-Zweinz : try it’s not enough to win against me.
-Charlegmene : just look on your own army!
-Zweinz : you,,,,how could assassinate them!!!!
-Charlegmene : it’s just easy,,,now, now, 1 vs will lose!

Zweinz laugh, he don’t afraid of it. For him 1 against united like that is easy. He always win, the last battle he won against Clancy,Havier and Nelson, he make Clancy take a great damage.

-Zweinz : vermit must die!
-Charlegmene : so sorry(summon his sword) but i am not a vermit (start strike Zweinz)

Zweinz can dodge easly and give counterattack to Charlegmene. It makes Chrlegmene throw away to the air, Zweinz has take position to strike down Charlegmene

-Zweinz : die vermit!
-Charlegmene : ugghh.....

Suddenly, Chicelia come and block the attack with her magic. He use root to block the attack from Zweinz.

-Chicelia : we must fall back now, there is no time to explain (hold up Charlegmene’s hand)
-Charlegmene : thank you, but so sorry....i won’t ( the armies take Chicelia back to the Minerva)
You should not here, Nelson still need you alive
-Chicelia : bring me down!!!!leave me!!!! (try to escape)
-Zweinz : stop it.......

Suddenly Zweinz teleport and attack the armies who try to bring Chicelia back to Minerva, he kill them,he slice their head and take Chicelia.

-Charlegmene : how dare you! (take a position to strike again)
-Zweinz : you have hurt my sister, i will not forgive you (dark energy come out through his body)
And you all must die! SPIRIT HUNTER!
-Charlegmene : all unit, run! We must fall back! (shout,command his army to leave)
-Zweinz : too late!!! All spirit, kill them!

Zweinz summoned spirits to the battlefield, the spirits attack all armies take them down,one by one. There is no one could stay alive except Charlegmene because, Zweinz does not ask his spirits to kill him. Once again Charlegmene has survived, but will he keep lucky on it?

-Charlegmene : why you do not kill me?
-Zweinz : because my sister do not want me to do it. Right,Chicelia?
-Chicelia : yes,brother. So sorry Charlegmene, i do not tell you about this before.
-Charlegmene : urghh....traitor must die! And i do not care again about you!(take his sword and strike back)

Zweinz try to block the attack with strike Charlegmene back, but Charlegmene can dodge it, and jump over the Zweinz’s head, Charlegmene throw his sword to Chicelia, but before he do it, Zweinz attack Charlegmene from behind and success to take him down.

-Charlegmene : ukhh,,,damn, why i must hit now?
-Zweinz : you think you can beat me?
-Chicelia : brother! Why you attack him?
-Zweinz : i will not let you die. A simple reason for these fool (throw up Charlegmene and ready to slice Charlegmene’s head)
-Chicelia : brother,no!!

A shoot from nowhere hit Zweinz directly, it saves Charlegmene again, and from the air, Nelson come and strike Zweinz with his swords, but Zweinz still can block it. A second shoot was fired and hit Zweinz again, Nelson try to attack again and success. Zweinz down.

-Nelson : stop here, it will end here now.
-Zweinz : you again,,,,and now i will take the rune of punishment from you.
-Nelson : you will never do that.

A third,fourth,fifth shoot hit Zweinz’s back directly, it makes Zweinz’s down again, and Nelson success add more damage to him with his double sword attack, it hits Zweinz’s hands.

-Zweinz : urghhh.....
-Chicelia : Nelson, stop it! You should not do that!
-Nelson : i am so sorry Chicelia, but this is my fate, to bring end to this war, so i must do it.

Suddenly Lenthom’s sound heard everywhere, it says” i will not let anyone pass, so you all must die, you all”. And suddenly , Zweinz’s body controlled by Lenthom’s will.

-Zweinz : “i have more power, more power to kill you all”(he start to attack)

A shoot can not hit Zweinz again, because he move so fast, all shots are missed.

-Nelson : damn, he is so fast. Chicelia, get out from here!
-Chicelia : but, he....
-Nelson : he is not your brother again, he is totally controlled by your mother’s will!
-Chicelia : and you will kill him?i do not want that!
-Nelson : believe me, i won’t, i promise to go!
-Chicelia : alright, come back to me alive. (run away from the battlefield, back to the Minerva)

Nelson began to fight with Zweinz, Zweinz has used his rune’s power but he still has much left. Wherever Nelson now has Rune Of Punishment’s power completely, he can totally control it, not the Rune of Punishment control him.

-Zweinz : this will be the day, you and me finish this, once and for all (summon his weapon)
-Nelson : not yet, i still have many things i have to do.(summon dual golden aerial guns)
-Zweinz : we will see (run and start to fight)

Suddenly, a shoot from nowhere, try to hit Zweinz again, but the shoot was missed. Zweinz with the power of Rune Soul Eater move faster than before. Zweinz summon his soul army and start to strike Nelson back.

-Nelson : now die! AERO BLAST!
-Zweinz : so weak! (block the attack, and counterattack it with ripper attack)
Ripper Clone!
-Nelson : (summon dual gold sword) i won’t make a same mistake like before!
-Zweinz : Full power of SOUL EATER!

A dark energy, come out from Zweinz’s body and cover him. Slow but sure, Zweinz evolved with a power from dark energy, he became a monster, it’s like a devil monster, the most scariest monster in the world that ever created.

-Nelson : who the really you are?
-Zweinz : i’m the son of god of the darkness
-Nelson : there is no god in the darkness, god always in the light.
-Zweinz : maybe no for now, i will erase your god, your light, and change it with darkness.
-Nelson : all human need light not dark.
-Zweinz : shut up and silence , you will see the power of the darkness...GRAAAA
-Nelson : if you are serious, i will too.
-Zweinz : so, just show me the power of light.

Nelson and Zweinz start to fight, they use their best power to show the existences of their god. The god of light and the god of darkness. Who will win the battle?and who is the true god in this world?

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