Monday, March 12, 2012

Come to the end (part 2)

Zweinz, with all The Dark Legion come and start to block Leafa’s armies advance. Charlegmene has set all mines trap in Lenthom’s territory. Reinforcements from Intervalen kingdom have come.

-Charlegmene : everyone, let’s go back. They will arrive here in minute
-Army : all done,sir. We’ll start to leace now.

Zweinz and The Dark Legion have come, they don’t know they were trapped with Charlegmene tactic, half of The Dark Legion killed by it.

-Army : sir, all mines have been exploded.
-Charlegmene : and how about the percentage the tactic?
-Army : 21%,sir.
-Charlegmene : are you sure? The half of their armies have succesfuly defeated,right?
-Army : Zweinz is 70% power of their army, and The Dark Legion just 30%.
-Charlegmene : we got to continue the advance before they know we are here now.
-Army : right,sir.
-Zweinz : grrrr,,,,what’s that? The human, will not take down The Dark Legion.
-Charlegmene : so, how do you feel? Mines tactic drowning on your body.khu khu
-Zweinz : how dare you! You’ll never win against me!
-Charlegmene : we’ll never know, if we don’t try
-Zweinz : try it’s not enough to win against me.
-Charlegmene : just look on your own army!
-Zweinz : you,,,,how could assassinate them!!!!
-Charlegmene : it’s just easy,,,now, now, 1 vs will lose!

Zweinz laugh, he don’t afraid of it. For him 1 against united like that is easy. He always win, the last battle he won against Clancy,Havier and Nelson, he make Clancy take a great damage.

-Zweinz : vermit must die!
-Charlegmene : so sorry(summon his sword) but i am not a vermit (start strike Zweinz)

Zweinz can dodge easly and give counterattack to Charlegmene. It makes Chrlegmene throw away to the air, Zweinz has take position to strike down Charlegmene

-Zweinz : die vermit!
-Charlegmene : ugghh.....

Suddenly, Chicelia come and block the attack with her magic. He use root to block the attack from Zweinz.

-Chicelia : we must fall back now, there is no time to explain (hold up Charlegmene’s hand)
-Charlegmene : thank you, but so sorry....i won’t ( the armies take Chicelia back to the Minerva)
You should not here, Nelson still need you alive
-Chicelia : bring me down!!!!leave me!!!! (try to escape)
-Zweinz : stop it.......

Suddenly Zweinz teleport and attack the armies who try to bring Chicelia back to Minerva, he kill them,he slice their head and take Chicelia.

-Charlegmene : how dare you! (take a position to strike again)
-Zweinz : you have hurt my sister, i will not forgive you (dark energy come out through his body)
And you all must die! SPIRIT HUNTER!
-Charlegmene : all unit, run! We must fall back! (shout,command his army to leave)
-Zweinz : too late!!! All spirit, kill them!

Zweinz summoned spirits to the battlefield, the spirits attack all armies take them down,one by one. There is no one could stay alive except Charlegmene because, Zweinz does not ask his spirits to kill him. Once again Charlegmene has survived, but will he keep lucky on it?

-Charlegmene : why you do not kill me?
-Zweinz : because my sister do not want me to do it. Right,Chicelia?
-Chicelia : yes,brother. So sorry Charlegmene, i do not tell you about this before.
-Charlegmene : urghh....traitor must die! And i do not care again about you!(take his sword and strike back)

Zweinz try to block the attack with strike Charlegmene back, but Charlegmene can dodge it, and jump over the Zweinz’s head, Charlegmene throw his sword to Chicelia, but before he do it, Zweinz attack Charlegmene from behind and success to take him down.

-Charlegmene : ukhh,,,damn, why i must hit now?
-Zweinz : you think you can beat me?
-Chicelia : brother! Why you attack him?
-Zweinz : i will not let you die. A simple reason for these fool (throw up Charlegmene and ready to slice Charlegmene’s head)
-Chicelia : brother,no!!

A shoot from nowhere hit Zweinz directly, it saves Charlegmene again, and from the air, Nelson come and strike Zweinz with his swords, but Zweinz still can block it. A second shoot was fired and hit Zweinz again, Nelson try to attack again and success. Zweinz down.

-Nelson : stop here, it will end here now.
-Zweinz : you again,,,,and now i will take the rune of punishment from you.
-Nelson : you will never do that.

A third,fourth,fifth shoot hit Zweinz’s back directly, it makes Zweinz’s down again, and Nelson success add more damage to him with his double sword attack, it hits Zweinz’s hands.

-Zweinz : urghhh.....
-Chicelia : Nelson, stop it! You should not do that!
-Nelson : i am so sorry Chicelia, but this is my fate, to bring end to this war, so i must do it.

Suddenly Lenthom’s sound heard everywhere, it says” i will not let anyone pass, so you all must die, you all”. And suddenly , Zweinz’s body controlled by Lenthom’s will.

-Zweinz : “i have more power, more power to kill you all”(he start to attack)

A shoot can not hit Zweinz again, because he move so fast, all shots are missed.

-Nelson : damn, he is so fast. Chicelia, get out from here!
-Chicelia : but, he....
-Nelson : he is not your brother again, he is totally controlled by your mother’s will!
-Chicelia : and you will kill him?i do not want that!
-Nelson : believe me, i won’t, i promise to go!
-Chicelia : alright, come back to me alive. (run away from the battlefield, back to the Minerva)

Nelson began to fight with Zweinz, Zweinz has used his rune’s power but he still has much left. Wherever Nelson now has Rune Of Punishment’s power completely, he can totally control it, not the Rune of Punishment control him.

-Zweinz : this will be the day, you and me finish this, once and for all (summon his weapon)
-Nelson : not yet, i still have many things i have to do.(summon dual golden aerial guns)
-Zweinz : we will see (run and start to fight)

Suddenly, a shoot from nowhere, try to hit Zweinz again, but the shoot was missed. Zweinz with the power of Rune Soul Eater move faster than before. Zweinz summon his soul army and start to strike Nelson back.

-Nelson : now die! AERO BLAST!
-Zweinz : so weak! (block the attack, and counterattack it with ripper attack)
Ripper Clone!
-Nelson : (summon dual gold sword) i won’t make a same mistake like before!
-Zweinz : Full power of SOUL EATER!

A dark energy, come out from Zweinz’s body and cover him. Slow but sure, Zweinz evolved with a power from dark energy, he became a monster, it’s like a devil monster, the most scariest monster in the world that ever created.

-Nelson : who the really you are?
-Zweinz : i’m the son of god of the darkness
-Nelson : there is no god in the darkness, god always in the light.
-Zweinz : maybe no for now, i will erase your god, your light, and change it with darkness.
-Nelson : all human need light not dark.
-Zweinz : shut up and silence , you will see the power of the darkness...GRAAAA
-Nelson : if you are serious, i will too.
-Zweinz : so, just show me the power of light.

Nelson and Zweinz start to fight, they use their best power to show the existences of their god. The god of light and the god of darkness. Who will win the battle?and who is the true god in this world?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Come to the end (part 1)

The last morning for this world has come, the last fight to bring end to the chaos and take back the future into this world. Light meet dark. Love against hatred. Save,kill,protect someone we love. That’s principe of this world, the world who controlled by dark, where there’s no light again there. Dark has totally conquere the world, all heroes who fought with them failed to sealed them forever and now, the new heroes come to end of the dark history from this world, with their power, they become one unity to finish the dark.
The last chance to Nelson and his friends come to this day, from this morning and there is not know when it will end. The Rune of Punishment with him, Lenthom’s daughter who fall in love with Nelson come too to help them to stop the arrogancy of Lenthom. Will this come to the end of their story?
“now, it’s the time”said Nelson.
“if we can finish it, this day will be the end” havier come.
“no one of us, know about the result”Lady Elenor  give  comment.
“all human depend on us to finish them” said Aliane.
“with all our power, we will against them with no fear” shout Lino.
“live with peace, lay my body to the peace land”said charlegmene
And all Minerva crews and leafa armies have come out and ready for their last fight. In front of them, Lenthom and her armies have waiting fro them. Win or lose, what result will they bring back?
“three, two, one……..Let’s fight all!” shout Nelson,jump from Minerva and shoot on the ground, clear the area from Lenthom’s  armies, to give Minerva place to land.
“be ready all, enemies have waiting for us,,,,,,,LET’S GO!”shout Havier.
And all leafa armies come out to win their last battle fro peace in the name of god, with the light from god that they bring to the battlefield.
“ice magic : thousand knive of ice”Snowe use his magic to clear the way trough.
“hey, lytone! Let’s clear our way!”shaamank start to run
“huh,,,,don’t think you will kill more than me”Lytone attack the enemy with his first blow.
“all intervalen armies, go through with full power!”said havier give command to his armies.
In the dark castle, the darkest place in this world, their real enemy has waiting for them, Lenthom has started to do ceremony to bring back the destroyer power to this world,bring the power of the conqueror of the darkness.
“sir, we receieved information that Lenthom start a strange ceremony”said spy to Charlegmene
“is that so? as the eldest here, I should stop that!”Charlegmene start moving with his army.
Charlegmene decided to stop Lenthom’s ceremony with his own  hand, he go trough with back road, so he can go without know by anyone.
“Lino and Snowe, take forces to the west!”said Lady Elenor.
“Aliane and ____ take forces to the east!”Lady Elenor said again.
“Petraluca, destroy their harbor in south of that mountain, we will keep them stack in the same place”Lady Elenor give her last commands to Petraluca
“who will be with Clancy here?”ask Aliane
“there will be me, you shouldn’t have to worry about that”said Lady Elenor.
“Havier, Lytone, Nelson, and Shaamank will attack them from this way”Lady Elenor tell them.
All forces start to advance to destroy Lenthom’s Palace.

Lenthom : so they have start to moving,huh? how pathetic. intercept them all, destroy them at once!
Zweinz : leave it to me, i shall kill them with no mercy!
Lenthom : my pride is in yours now
Zweinz : i understand (leave the palace)

everyone has start battling with lenthom's armies

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Runaway from the dark

                 In the forest, Nelson, Clancy and Havier take a break, they can't continue to run because their energy have empty.It's too far from Minerva, they have run for 3 hours too reach meet point with Minerva, whenever Nelson still have Rune of Punishment's power, but he won't always use it every time because he know the Rune of Punishment still have limit with it's power

-Nelson : well it's still too far from here,  i've already rech my limit
-Havier : don't worry, i have send a message before we run from Zweinz with pigeon
-Nelson : hope your message will be send to Minerva
-Havier : don't worry Clancy has protect that bird with his last power
-Nelson : and now, he won't wake at all
-Havier : better we get move on now, before he can reach us
-Nelson : alright, we'll go....Rune of Punishment!
-Havier : take Clancy with you, i will be behind you
-Nelson : let's go

                     Suddenly Zweinz appear in front of them, they shocked and stop run, they never think that Zweinz can teleport with so fast. It can more fast than light’s speed. Zweinz that has been successfully found them give them last choice, fight with him and die or they let he take Nelson with him. But Nelson answer his question that he will choose to fight with him and win.
- Zweinz : so, you make your own choice,huh….pathetic.
- Nelson : human can choose with their own will.
- Havier  : we will choose to beat you together and protect our friends.
- Nelson : I shall protect them with my power…..RUNE OF PUNISHMENT.
- Havier : with all mine, I shall kill you…SEVIACY SWORD.
- Zweinz : BLACK BURNING RIPPER……I give you last change to choose.
- Nelson : yeah and we choose (summon his dual gold guns)… fight! (shoot Zweinz with his Guns).
                      DUAR……Nelson start  their  fight with his first shot, but Zweinz has a perfect armor with him, Nelson’s shot that don’t give any damage on him. Although, Havier has try to give Zweinz the first damage with his sword but failed.
-Nelson : hosh…hosh.. his too strong, we don’t strong enough to match with him
- Havier : whatever, we have go away from here
- Nelson : but he can teleport, we can’t match that.
- Havier : we have destroyed that technique, it must be from his body
- Nelson : but where?
- Havier : from the secret spell book that I have ever read. It’s on his hand, right hand.
- Nelson : so we have to cut down his hand?
- Havier : no need to cut down it, just break the seal.
                        They haven’t finish talk, Zweinz has start attack them from sky. But luckily Nelson and Havier can evade his attack. Havier can’t attack liken normal, because he bring Clancy on his back with him, he must think seriously before he attack Zweinz because Zweinz have a good speed and fast reflect, strength and many more.
- Zweinz : take this…… SHADOW CLONE ATTACK.
- Nelson : get out from here now, now it’s the change….UAKKGGHH.
 - Havier : the rest is up to you.
- Zweinz : I won’t let you go……THOUSAND SKULL ARMY
- Nelson : just run! And take Clancy with you! I shall finish them off
                             Havier continue to run away, he leave Nelson that fighting with Zweinz alone, but he hasn’t another choice, Nelson ask him to leave and save Clancy. Nelson said that Clancy is more important than him and Rune of Punishment, because friend is anything
- Zweinz : all army, finish them all!
-Nelson :  (Rune of Punishment, do you hear me?)
-Rune of Punishment : (yes, my friend? What’s wrong?need a help?)
- Nelson : ( I need your help to do that.)
- Rune of Punishment : ( doesn’t have another choice?)
- Nelson : (it’s too much to take it all, Havier and Clancy will failed to run away)
-Rune of Punishment : (alright but I will control it, so you won’t destroy your friend too.)
- Nelson : (thank you)
                                  A red and dark light appear from Nelson and fusion with him , Rune of Punishment has give it power to Nelson to  fight with Zweinz so he can win against him.
-Nelson  : take this! SHINING NOVA BLASTER!
- Zweinz : I won’t lose!
                                   Zweinz try to block Nelson’s ultimate shot but he failed,and all skull army destroyed with him. Nelson’s success beat him just with one shot, but he think that it’s too easy, he knows Zweinz has power that overwhelmed him. But it’s not the time to think about that, it’s the right time to go as far as he can from Zweinz.
-Nelson : hope my shot hit his right hand, because I see that he hold his ripper with his right hand.
                                     In battlefield Zweinz come out from the mountain of rock, he’s paralyzed because Nelson’s shot before, he can’t teleport again, Nelson’s last shot has successfully destroy the seal on Zweinz’s right hand. Without that seal, Zweinz can’t use teleport again. He feel so angry and make explode in all places.
-Zweinz : How dare you!!! You broke my seal….if I meet youb again someday, it will be the last time
                 you live in this world…….ARRGHHH!!!!
                                       He continue shot and destroy all forest with his power in other condition, Nelson already meet with Havier again, but Clancy isn’t open his eye yet. He isn’t fully recovery yet.
-Havier : so, you win against him?
- Nelson : yes, I shot him and hit his right hand,,,hope I broke his seal.
- Havier : alright, we gotta move on, it’s look like he need medicine quickly.
- Nelson : alright, I’ll lead the way, it’s not too far from here.
- Havier : alright…. Minerva…Minerva…can you hear me.
- Petraluca : My lord, how’s going on?
-Havier : we have beaten Zweinz, but Clancy injuried. Change direction point to the nearest from our
                location now.
-Petraluca : understood, just wait there, my lord.
                                Minerva start to moving from it location to their location. It’s no need much time because Minerva has an incredible speed. After Minerva Arrived, Havier take Clancy to the Medical room and Nelson go to the center room. In there he meet up with Lady Elenor who has waiting for him.
-Lady Elenor : congrats boy, you made it well. Good job.
- Nelson : I’m so sorry have make you worried
- Lady Elenor : don’t worry, now you need to rest up you body, we will arrived soon
- Nelson : thank you.
                               Nelson left the center room and walk to medical room to see Clancy. He won’t open his eyes yet. He has used all his power until he turn to be like this.
-Nelson : how about his condition now?
- Havier : doesn’t change from before
- Nelson : it’s seems he has use all his power
- Havier : just to protect us, he needn’t do that…
-Nelson : hope he will recovered quickly
-Havier : let’s rest our body, we need to take a rest…..bye
-Nelson : bye….
                                  Aliane has come from her room, she sit beside Nelson, she know that her brother is very sad, because he let his friend be like that.
-Aliane : brother, are you okay?
-Nelson : umm,,,oh it’s you Aliane, I’m fine, just don’t worry about me for now
-Aliane : don’t worry brother, it wasn’t your fault.
-Nelson : yeah maybe you’re right, but I won’t that happen again
                                      Nelson look so sad, he stand and go to his room. In his room, he’s take a bath and after that he fall asleep. When he wake up, it was in the night, he go out from his room and walk to the top of Minerva, to see the moon.
-Nelson : Snowe? It’s that you?
-Snowe : ohhh, it’s you Nelson. Long time no see
-Nelson : where have you been?
-Snowe : Lady Elenor give me urgent mission, to check enemies hideout
-Nelson : great, you do it all alone.
                                           They talk much thing, well Nelson hasn’t meet Snowe after the fight between him and leafa before. After they have talk much longer, Snowe decide to go down and rest himself. Snowe leaved, Nelson stayed.
-Nelson : Mother, Father, will this war end?
-Havier : you haven’t sleep at all.
-Nelson : I can’t sleep before this all end.
-Havier : just sleep now, we will think it together tomorrow
-Nelson : why we have wait until tomorrow if we can do it now.
-Havier : we are human, and we have a brain to think, don’t you know what will happen if we attack
                them now…………we will die without receive anything
-Nelson : alright, maybe you’re right, night
-Havier : night
                                            Suddenly Petraluca come from the stairs. He look at Nelson and say good night to him.
-Havier : Petraluca, we will finish our plan after this war end right?
-Petraluca : as you wish, my lord.
-Havier : after we destroy Lenthom, we will destroy this Leafa..that’s was the plan,right?
-Petraluca : yes my lord, we can destroy Leafa because 78% Leafa’s armies are our armies.
-Havier : we can suddenly attack them and this world will be mine.
-Petraluca : let’s have a rest, my lord. It’s already tonight.
-Havier : yeah you’re right…
                                     Finally Havier go down with Petraluca, after they talked about their plan to destroy two side, Leafa and Lenthom. Havier’s do that because he can’t accept if his parents have to died in Nelson’s hand.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Fact

*After Nelson, Clancy and Lino success defeated ViP squad, they came back to Minerva, Nelson don't know what will happen to him when him back to join Leafa again after he decided to go alone, Chicelia who always support and accompany him in all condition when he get out from Leafa......Nelson has hurt many people when he fight in Minerva and destroy Minerva's prison and success win againts Havier.....He don't know, want them forgive him for all his fault. he is so afraid because that.

-Nelson : i'm not sure they will forgive me
-Clancy  : if they won't, this world will destroyed, if he want forgive you this 
             wolrd will saved
-Nelson : But my power isn't enough to take that task
-Lino     : Don't worry,Bro! i will help you, they will do the same like me
-Clancy  : yes, we will fight together to make an eternal peace
-Nelson : mmmmm,,oh yes, is my sister okay when i'm gone?
-Lino     : yeah, and she's grow more strong
-Clancy  : get back immidiately,now
-Lino & Nelson : sir, yes sir!

*In front of Minerva......Havier, Petraluca, Shaamank, Charlegmene, Aliane, Lady Elenor and the other have waited for them, Aliane worried with his brother,she's crying...

-Aliane : Brother.....hiks hiks hiks
-Charlegmene : youR brother will come
-Miss Elenor : when his back, i will give him a punishment
-Havier : he must....
-Petraluca : that punishment will build his mentality, that's good for him
-Shaamank : eww,,,,so sad

*From South, three people's shadow start to looking more bigger, bigger and bigger.....Finally Nelson,Clancy and Lino came home...without thinking Aliane....

-Aliane : brother!!!!
-Nelson : Aliane, sorry has make you worried....
-Aliane : you make me sad
-Nelson : sad will make you grow stronger, don't you?
-Aliane : !!! Is that the reason you leave,HUH !?
-Nelson : don't underestimate me,,,,it's not a reason....
-Aliane : Brother!!!!!!!!!! (pound Nelson's head)
-Nelson : Awww....hurt!
-Aliane : don't care...... weeeeee 
-Lady Elenor : hey!!!!! (Pulls Nelson's ears)
-Nelson : awwwww......what's again?
-Lady Elenor : where you gone, kid?
-Nelson : secret, i won't tell you,old woman!!!! weeeee (Run)
-Lady Elenor : hey you come back here!!!
-Havier : Hey,,,,,stop fooling around here (Pound Nelson's head)
-Nelson : hey, you can't do that to me
-Havier : what do you think,hah! out from leafa betrayed it and come back so
             easly? do you think world will change with that?
-Nelson          : yes i will, i will make that true
-Charlegmene : you can't change the world, you're too young for doing that
-Shaamank     : yeah, you need more training
-Lady Elenor   : if you keep like this, you won't change anything

*When they have talking, someone appear to challenge them......

-Man : we meet again, the Rune of Punishment.....
-Nelson : you,,,you're the man who attack me and my sister before
-Man : yea, this is will be the last time you can see this world
-Nelson : it won't happen,,,try to surpass me if you can...
              (Summon his weapon)
-Man : huhhh,,how pathetic.....Hollow Skull mercery
-Clancy : i will help you.....(walk into in front of Nelson)
-Havier : me too...
-Man : Three humans won't enough to defeat me
-Nelson : it's enough for you,,,,every go back and take Minerva out of here
-Clancy : we will go after you all if we have finish this
-Havier : go now, we don't have enough time
-Man : you have decide to die and it will be truth
-Nelson : you are Lenthom's son right? what's your name?
-Man : Zweinz.....that's my name
-Nelson :are you sure you can do it,Havier?
-Havier : huhhh......Huweinz....i will defeat you with this sword
-Zweinz : so fool,,,,we will see......good,,,byee,,,,(Teleport)
-Clancy : where is he!!find him!!!
-Nelson : damn! he attack Minerva...where's Havier too?
-Zweinz : die like a corpsed thing
-Havier : don't be so rough,,,pass me if you can!....Celestial Slash
-Zweinz : Hollow of the death!

*Havier success defend Minerva from Zweinz attack,and now are the chance Nelson and Clancy to attack him.

-Nelson : Dual Air Blaze!
-Clancy : ice arrow!

*Trang,,,Tranggg,,Trang....all attack from them was blocked perfectly

-Zweinz : that won't hurt me
-Havier : but this will!!!!!........Celestial Slash!!
-Nelson : this too.......Seviacy Sword....Slash of lightning!
-Clancy : and this.........Flame wing arrow!

*Duarrrr!!!!!!!!! their's combination attack have stopped for a twice

-Nelson : (srrrrkkkkk..) unbeliveable, he can stop our attack twice
-Havier : Nelson, you and me will use close combat
-Clancy : don't do it for now, we still have to gathering more information from
-Havier : so be it, we have collect it quickly....(run and start attack again)
-Nelson : it's useless to gather information from him he will not open his
              mouth even if we kill him now (Run follow havier)
-Clancy : you are right, we have finish this battle now before we lost much our
             energy (Start to attack)

*Suddenly from Zweinz's body appeared big shadows with ripper sword

-Zweinz : i will not let you attack Lenthom...
-Havier : Sancity Double Slash!
-Clancy : thunder shock burst!
-Zweinz : hemm...

*Duarrrrr.........A big Explosion created from combined sttack from Havier and Clancy 

-Havier : it's over
-Clancy : not so tough right?

*Suddenly an attack come from the smoke....

-Nelson : Clancy! Havier! look out!!!
-Havier : it's immposible
-Clancy how can it be?
-Zweinz : Now...die,,

*Crasss......Zweinz's shadow's ripper has successfuly hit Havier and Clancy

-Havier : ukhhh....
-Clancy : ohokkk......hkkhhhh
-Nelson : Dual Golden Sword......

*Trangg......Nelson success cut down Zweinz shadow's Ripper

-Nelson : Hold on guys i will take you back to Minerva 
             (start Run out from battlefield)
-Zweinz : you know, i'm the one who killed your parents
-Nelson : what?.....(what i have do now, partner?)
-Rune of punishment : (You want me to go?)
-Nelson : ( not now,,i have control my emotions, my friend's life is more 
             important than revenge,,lend me your power to get out here quickly)
-Rune of Punishment : (after this we have back to him and finish it)
-Nelson : (yes we have)

*With Rune of Punishment's power Nelson run out from battlefield as possible but Zweinz won't let him go, he want to stop Nelson with his special attack

-Zweinz : Ripper's Black thunder knock down!!!!!!!! (Run and attack Nelson)
-Nelson : Dual Golden Sword

*Duarrrrrr.......their attack has blocked each other., Nelson thrown away and Zweinz landed safety on the ground and ready to attack..

-Zweinz : Balck Vulcane Cannon
-Nelson : (Lend me your power, we can't get out from here if we cant block
              this attack)
-Rune of Punishment : (Live it to me)
-Nelson : (Thanks)....HEAAAA!!!!!!! Shining Dual Burst Cannon!!!!!!!!

*BLEGURRRRRRRR............Abig explosion throw them

-Zweinz : errr......he dare you!!!!!!!!!

 *In the forest Nelson continue to run away from Zweinz as far as he can for now

-Nelson : (Thank you for your help)
-Rune of Punishment : (keep it for now, you have concentrade to run now)
-Nelson : (right, we have go back to the Minerva quickly)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Againts them to achieve your forgiven

-Nelson : are you sure, all armies and all crew will forgive me after what i have done to them
-Clancy : of course they will, they all love you and they all will protect you with all cost
-Lino : yeah brother, because you are the one who will save this world
-Clancy : it isn't right Lino,
-Nelson : yeah Lino, Because all human will save this world together.
-Lino : so i can be a hero?
-Nelson : a little hero......hahaha
-Clancy : of course that, little hero...hahaha

*and in battlefield, three people appear from the dust

-ViP Blazel : so this is Minerva, the biggest warship in the world
-ViP Cloros : we have destroy that warship without kill the crew
-ViP Azinier : what's wrong? why we don't destroy them all?
-ViP Cloros : Master Lenthom have order us to destroy Minerva without kill the crew
-ViP Blazel : so we have trap them from three point, 786, 654, and 100....after that we will strike them
-Vip Cloros : we need make them get out from Minerva, Azinier you have go there and make them out
-ViP Azinier : don't worry just sit and take your sit, i will finish it in Minute
-ViP Cloros : don't do anything crazy in there
-Vip Azinier : i take your command

*ViP squad have launch their sneak attack and try to make all Minerva's crew and Minerva's armies out, ViP Azinier go to finish his mission

-Nelson : (there is something weird here)
-Lino : bro, are you all right?
-Nelson : yes, but i feel something and that's feel not good
-Lino : tell me,what is it,Bro?

*suddenly, Nelson use his gun and shot the bush beside them

-ViP Azinier : fiuhhh,,,
-Nelson : you there, come out now,you can't make any suprise anymore
-ViP Azinier : let us see

*From above ViP Cloros and ViP Blazel attack Nelson,Clancy and Lino with a powerfull magic

-ViP Blazel : Storm Cruisher
-ViP Cloros : Thousand Wind Arrow
-Nelson : cihhh......

*But their attack was blocked

-Clancy : you have forgot about me?
-Lino : we will take all of you down
-ViP Blazel : well well, there is a hero here.
-ViP Azinier : i will chop their head
-ViP Cloros : calm down, we need finish our mission as fast as  possible
-Clancy : but i will not let you move anywhere
-Nelson : just say what you want from us!
-ViP Cloros : our primary mission is destroy minerva
-Nelson : you will face me if you want that.
-ViP Azinier : you think we will afraid with you?
-ViP Blazel : hurt them maybe will enough.
-Nelson : i will protect the people i love (are you ready friends?)
-Rune of Punishment : (ready anytime you need, let's go)
-ViP Cloros : our magic won't hold that attack, retreat now
-ViP Blazel : you were too late,he has go to intercept that
-Vip Azinier : fallback for now, we will go away from

*All Vip squad has run away from battle with teleportation skill's Vip Azinier

-Nelson : (they won't be so far from here,right?)
-Rune of Punishment : (they will strike back, better we have some rest for now)
-Nelson : (right, thank you for your help)
-Rune of punishment : ( huh.....)
-Nelson : Clancy, Lino!!!
-Lino : hey brother you beat them all....great!
-Clancy : you have grown up than i thought
-Nelson : will people forgive my fault,clancy?
-Clancy : yes, because you have save them from dangerous enemies
-Lino : yeah i will say to people if you were the one who beat them all alone
-Clancy : and people will believe with you again
-Nelson : thanks guys,,,i don't know what should i do if i don't have friends like you all..
-Clancy : hero won't crying for anything
-Lino : yeah let's go back to Minerva

*To Be Continued*

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This is the spirit of our life

*Finally all Leafa's crew can defeat and seal the Rune of Punishment for once again, with Havier last power and with all armies power, Havier success finish his magic on time, but it's not for a long time......

-Havier : HEAAAA!!!!!!
-Nelson : GRAAWWW!!!!GRAAAAAA!!!!!
-Aliane : (god please save Lord Havier and my brother)
-Nelson : GRRRAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!! (because havier's magic, nelson transform into stone)
-Aliane : NO!!!Brother!!!
-Lady Elenor : it seems it's he's destiny to be like this
-Aliane : but, if that happen,,,,i don't have anyone who will love and protect me like my brother
-Havier : if you really need that, i will be like that.
-Aliane : lord Havier, are you sure with you talking about?
-Havier : yes, because i love you
-Aliane : what?
-Petraluca : (my lord, what are you talking about?)
-Havier : (it's really from my heart)
-Charlegmene : after win this battle, finally you dare to talk that with her
-Havier : thank you for your help, all's all because your help we can win this battle.
-Shaamank : alright alright, let's leave this battlefield now!
-All : YEAHH!!!!

*In the battlefield, Nelson was stunned and can't move again but he still can talk with his heart

-Rune of Punishment : i am never beaten berfore, it's because you kid!
-Nelson : so what? you want fight with me?
-Rune of Punihment : if i can move, i will kill you right now!
-Nelson : you will never kill me, because i am the saviour of this world
-Rune of Punihment : don't kidding, you don't have power, even you can win againts that fool human
-Nelson : i won't win with your power like before, but i will win with your power if you can....
-Rune of Punishment : can what? you can win againts anything
-Nelson : if i were you, i will stop talking and do the important thing that all wanted
-Rune of Punihment : what's that?
-Nelson : find the way to reach the true peace
-Rune of Punihment : with your power now, you won't find that answer.
-Nelson : huh,,i have a power to find that way,but not with kill the enemy and others
-Rune of Punihment : without do that, you won't receive what do you want!
-Nelson : i will receive it with your power and my spirit.
-Rune of Punihment : i will never give my power to you!
-Nelson : you will, because i'd assume you as my partner and my best friend
-Rune of Punihment : you....
-Nelson : we are the best tag team ever who will save this world from Lenthom,isn't right?
-Rune of Punihment : your word, make me remember for what i have created for.......
-Nelson : so what is your decision?
-Rune of Punihment : it's seem, you are the real owner of my power.....i will help you
-Nelson : and from now on,,,with your power and my power, we will save this world!
-Rune of Punihment : let's start this!

*CRINGGGGG,,,,,Suddenly weird light appear from Nelson statue and the light is more and more shining,

-Havier : what's that?
-Intel Agent : my lord, that light appear from Nelson statue
-Havier : what? he try to break the seal?
-Intel Agent : it seems like that, my lord.
-Petraluca : look like you not done it yet.
-Havier : i'll try to seal him again and Petraluca tell to all Armies and All crew to get out from here.
-Aliane : and how about you, my lord?
-Havier : don't worry it will be alright, i will come back to you.
-Aliane : please, be save.
-Havier : i will, i go now!

*In the battlefield

-Nelson : HEAAAA!!!!!!!!
-Havier : look's like you break that seal on time, i am proud with you.
-Nelson : and now for sure i will win this time.
-Havier : alright we will finish this, Celestial Sword
-Nelson : Seviacy Sword
-Havier : SANCITY SLASH!!!


-Havier : ukhhh,,,
-Nelson : i will grow to be more strong to save this world (Nelson and Rune of Punishment's sound)
-Havier : how can you control that Rune?
-Nelson : i am not control that, me and that Rune is share our power each other
-Havier : ukhhhh,,,, (Havier fall down)
-Clancy : looks like you have grow more stronger, Nelson.
-Nelson : Clancy, what are you doing here?
-Clancy : i just want bring Havier to Minerva with my magic
-Nelson : if that so, just do it, i also can't let him in that condition.
-Clancy : well,,,,Transfer!
-Nelson : alright, then (leave the battlefield)
-Clancy : not so fast,Nelson. (direct his staff to Nelson's head)
-Nelson : what are you trying to do with me?
-Clancy : to make you back to Leafa,isn't right Lino?
-Lino : yeah!!! hey brother, how are you today?
-Nelson : Lino,,,,emm, i'm fine.....jus what are you doing here?
-Lino : i'm Helping Lord Clancy heal injuried army
-Nelson : i...i am sorry have make Leafa's army injuried
-Lino : that's no problem,bro! hey,bro let's go back to the minerva,all armies and  crew have waiting for you
-Nelson : i can't,,,i can come back, i have hurt all of them,,,
-Lino : don't worry brother, they will forgive you.
-Nelson : i can't
-Clancy : Nelson, don't think if you can defeat Lenthom with your own power,
-Nelson : but if don't do that,,my friends will be the sacrifice of lenthom's power
-Clancy : the truth is, they don't just prortect you, but protect everything they love.
-Nelson : emmmm......
-Clancy : so, why can't you be like them? fight for protect all, protect all you love.
-Lino : yeah,Bro! we will protect this world together
-Nelson : Clancy,Lino...........alright, i will return to Leafa and we will defeat Lenthom together
-Clancy : i know you will decide that
-Lino : yeay, brother Nelson has come back!
-Rune of Punishment : (are you sure with that?after what have you do to them, will they forgive you?)
-Nelson : (i don't know, but first we have try it)
-Rune of Punishment : (huh,,it's all up to you)
-Chicelia : Nelson......
-Nelson : Chicelia,,what are you doing here?
-Chicelia : i will always follow where ever you are.
-Nelson : thank you so much, Chicelia.
-Lino : hey,bro! let's go
-Clancy : Nelson, you must be hurry before Minerva take off
-Nelson : hey wait for us.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And all become one

*After Petraluca heal Nelson's injury,he bring Nelson to Minerva's prison. In Minerva's prison, In the dark of prison, Nelson has imprisoned and at the outside of prison one hundred armies have guard the prison to prevent from any attack from outside or from inside prison and with Shaamank and Charlegmene as the leader of all armies there.

-Shaamank : can he out from that prison?
-Charlegmene : he won't go anywhere.
-Shaamank : it looks, we have one hundred armies here, but old man!
-Charlegmene : what?
-Shaamank : that boy is owner of the Rune of Punishment, so...
-Charlegmene : so what?
-Shaamank : of course he have more power and more energy than us.

*Suddenly, a sound come from in front of the prison...

-Nelson : yes, it's true
-Shaamank : how you get out from there?
-Nelson : too late.......TORNADO BUSTER
-Armies : UARGGHH!!!!!
-Charlegmene : how dare you! Shaamank! go there and puss the emergency button!
-Shaamank : alright, old man. just keep him there for a while, i will be back!
-Nelson : i won't let you puss the emergency button! BRICKBREAK SWORD! HEAAAA!!!!
-Charlegmene : big vs small,,,huhh.....ELEMENTAL SWORD!!!! WIND SLASH!
-Nelson : FIRE, BIG BANG!


-Shaamank : hey old man, you have destroy the button!
-Charlegmene : forget about that! they will come here, i promise.
-Shaamank : alright, i will help you to beat that boy
-Nelson : you will never beat me!
-Shaamank : a-a, you wrong, we will beat you now!
-Charlegmene : let's do it!
-Charlegmene and Shaamank : ELEMENTAL RIPPER CALAMITY!
-Nelson : huh, (he teleport to behind Shaamank and Charlegmene) SHOT!
-Charlegmene and Shaamank : uakhhh!!!!

*All Minerva crew have arrived at the Prison

-Dyvor : what's going on here?
-Aliane : HAAHH? Brother!you,,,you kill them
-Nelson : no Aliane, i'm not kill them. because i will never kill my own friends
-Petraluca : (Sir, if we have damage again in this area, the system engine will be destroyed too)
-Havier : i see, thank you for your information. Nelson, Let's battle at the outside of Minerva
-Nelson : for what? we can finish this here!
-Havier : you don't want if Minerva destroyed because you right?
-Nelson : alright, let's finish this.

*Then, they all go outside

-Havier : it seems you will never be a saviour of this world
-Nelson : i will, i will do that.i will bring back the eternal peace to this world
-Havier : what i have say, it will become true... CELESTIAL SWORD
-Havier : so, you can use sword too, i want to see your skill
-Nelson : you will see, my best skill
-Havier : hupp! (he jump to air and attack Nelson) show me your skill
-Nelson : heaaa!!!(he block Havier attack)
-Havier : hupp (he jump to behind Nelson)
-Nelson : you won't do the same! heaa!!!! (Havier's dodge)
-Havier : huh, now what can you do?
-Nelson : don't worry, i have much suprise for you!


-Petraluca : MY LORD, BEHIND YOU!
-Havier : what? ( Drakkk,something appear from underground and hit Havier)
-Nelson : how about my suprise?
-Havier : ukhh,,,my right arm, it can move at all
-Petraluca : My lord, are you alright?
-Havier : not one hundred percent right, my right arms has damage
-Petraluca : we have go back,my's to dangerous.
-Havier : no,,,,, Petraluca, told to all crew to come here and help me.
-Petraluca : yes sir!

*In destroyed prison

-Petraluca : all crew, we must help Lord Havier now, he is in trouble
-All : yeah let's go help him!

*in the outside of minerva

-Havier : it looks like, what i say before will be come true
-Nelson : i won't let you take my hope away
-Petraluca : my lord, all of them have come
-All : heaaa!!!!!
-Havier : good, thank you for your help Petraluca
-Petraluca : yes my lord.
-Nelson : alright, i won't kill you all, but i will stop your movement.
-Havier : Everyone! raise your weapon and become one then we will end this war with all our power!
-All: YEAHHHH!!!!!!
-Havier : and now we will defeat him, attack!!!!
-Nelson : UWAAAAA!!!!!!!!  (One by one army have hit the attack from underground)
-Havier : so he make a mark with his hand, Aliane, Dyvor, Lady Elenor, Snowe.
-Lady Elenor : what you want from me?
-Havier : use your magic to prevent Nelsonto make a mark
-Lady Elenor : alright, ICE SEAL
- Dyvor : EARTH HAND
-Nelson : ukhhhh,,,my hand!
-Havier : take your punishment!
-Nelson : (is this the end?)
-Rune of Punishment : i'll give you my power and you will win
-Nelson : (NO!if i use your power you will control mine)
-Rune of Punishment : ( i will do that even if you don't want it,,wahahaha)
-Nelson : (noo, stop it!)
-Havier : what i say will be come true, now.
-Nelson : GRAWWW!!!!!!!! (Nelson counter havier's attack with so sadist)
-Havier : uakhhhhh!!!!!!!!
-Petraluca : my lord!!!!
-Nelson : GRAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Havier : alright, everyone give your remaining power for me. i will seal that monster now.
-Petraluca : but my lord.....
-Havier : a good king must protect his people that's all father told me. everyone are you ready?
-All : YES!!!!
-Petraluca : but, my lord, it's too dangerous for your condition now
-Havier :  i will stop that monster and step in to the danger and i will save my people from danger.
-Nelson : GRAAA!!!!!!!!!UARRGGHHHHHH!!!!
-Havier : i combine my power with them and i will give the power to you, sealangel......SEAL!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Havier's duty and in his command

*In Minerva, Snowe and Shaamank rest their body, because they can't hold more pain in their body because after fought with Nelson in south nation, because their fight, south nation has destroyed.they never tought before if Nelson will become more stronger like that, with power of Shaamank and with brain power of Snowe isn't enough to win againts Nelson for now, they have train a lot more tobe like Nelson

-Snowe : what we have decide before isn't a perfect decision
-Shaamank : don't think that again, start to forget about that.i don't want to remember that again
-Snowe : yes,master.

*they rest in their room, but it's not for a long time, because Lady Elenor call them to the central deck, Snowe try to tell about Shaamank condition now to Lady Elenor, and Lady Elenor give permission to Shaamank to not come

-Lady Elenor : well, Snowe, ist's seem Shaamank has big physical damage with him.
-Snowe : yes, he never think that Nelson would became so strong like that.
-Lady Elenor : but maybe, Nelson could be strong like that because something has effected him
-Snowe : effected him? who?
-Lady Elenor : i can't just say who is it but my intelligence say like that
-Snowe : if you say so, we have more be careful,my lady
-Lady Elenor : enough to talking, we have a meeting now.
-Snowe : alright, my lady.

*In meeting room,Havier and Petraluca wait for all Minerva's crew

-Havier : it seems they not come in time
-Petraluca : maybe they will arrive here in minute
-Havier : yeah, they have come.........from above us

*DUUAAARRR!!!!!!!!the meeting room has destroyed by something

-Havier : who are you? show your face and face me?
-Nelson : It's me
-Havier : what do you want?
-Nelson : there is nothing special about what i want, i just want to know where Lenthom is!
-Havier : huh....someone like you will never kill Lenthom alone
-Nelson : just say where Lenthom is?
-Havier : huh... Leafa main objective is to secure you from Lenthom and now you won't go anywhere!
              Celestial Sword
-Nelson : if that make you want to say where Lenthom is, I will fight with you! Seal Dragon Guns
-Havier : huh,,,,(he click something in his hand)

*TUIITT TUIITT TUIIT the emergency alarm has ringing

-Nelson : you!
-Havier : there isn't run away for you again, Earth Magic : Stylus Defend Wall
-Nelson : cihhh,,,,

*All Leafa Armies Have coming out and surround Nelson at once

-Lady Elenor : very well kid, you can sneak around here and destroy the meeting room
-Shaamank : now i can avenge to you
-Snowe : now my spell will take you down
-Charlegmene : my elemental sword will slay your head.
-Lytone and Dyvor : our weapon and spell combo will make you paralyzed
-Aliane : and my magic will make you lose,Brother!
-Nelson : Aliane, c'mon my sister come with me, we will live in peace.
-Aliane : no, i don't want that, i will end this war with my friends.
-Lytone : you see! she don't want come with you!Never!
-Nelson : Let's Finish this, i don't want stay here too long.
-Havier : If you want so, all right all hear and do what i say and we will win.
-All : Yes sir!
-Nelson : come you all!
-Havier : Shaamank and Charlegmene with Elite squad attack Nelson now!
-Shaamank : Darken Ripper
-Charlegmene : Elemental Sword
-Nelson : too slow! Burn....
-Havier : and now, Dyvor and Aliane use ice magic
-Dyvor : Bloked Ice
-Aliane : maze of mirror

*DUAARRRR, Nelson's attack has blocked

-Nelson : cih, now maze, damn it.


-Nelson : what???
-Charlegmene : surrender!
-Nelson : NO!!! (Trang, Nelson sword and charlegmene hit each other)
-Shaamank : AVENGEEE!!!!
-Nelson : Nelson's second sword try to hold Shaamank attack)
-Havier : this the end of you
-Nelson : damn it.

*Crassss, Havier sword hit Nelson's right shoulder and he stick Nelson with tree

-Havier : it's like before, you'll never grown up, just because you destroy the Southern Nation you can't be 
              the  best warrior who will save this world so easly, you have to understand what your friend feel
              without you in their side, if you want to become a legendary hero, the first thing you have to do is
              protect your friends!
-Nelson : ukkhhhh,,,,,,(ohook, Nelson start vomiting blood)
-Havier : you are the owner of Rune of Punishment, you have to keep that Rune to be safe,now Petraluca
              take him to his room and don't forget to lock it and seal it with protector magic
-Petraluca : yes, my lord.

*At last, Petraluca take Nelson With him and bring Nelson to his room and heal Nelson from his injury

-Lady Elenor : are you sure this the best to take him with us?don't you afraid if he destroy Minerva?
-Havier : for what? when he destroy this ship, it will be at battlefield.
-Aliane : umm, Lord Havier.
-Havier : yes
-Aliane : please, don't hurt my brother again, because my brother is the remaining my family that has still alive
-Havier : of course i won't do that again because it your wish to me.
-Aliane : thanks a lot, lord Havier.
-Havier : you're welcome.....alright everyone let's go back to Minerva.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nelson in his decision

-Snowe : we havve arrived at south what?we need next plan from you,Lady Elenor.
-Lady Elenor : just do what you can do,as i know,the south Nation don't have king or minister or something have talk with citizen,use plan E09
-Snowe : thank you for the plan (switch off the Incrat)
-Shaamank : hey,whos' that?
-Snowe : it's Lady Elenor,,,,,by the way,let's go

*They continue their trip to central of south nation,and suddenly,they meet a man with a mask,,,,Shaamank,run to that man with mask and ask about the citizen in south nation, but that man not answer and make shaamank angry,shaamank make all citizen shock because he throw his sword to that man but that man can dodge with easly,and

-Citizen : kyaaaa (say all woman)...hey watch out (say old man)
-Shaamank : how dare you not answer my question!(throw his sword)
-Snowe : master shaamank what are you do.......

*TRAANNGGG,,,,,that mask man counter shaamank attack with his sword

-Mask man : don't try to kill me again. (he show his eyes from his mask hole)
-Shaamank : hey you!what are you talking about??try to make me angry again? 
-Snowe : sorry,sir...i hope you will forgive what has he done to you.
-Mask man : of course i will,,(walk to central town)
-Shaamank : golden burning ripper!!!!! alvaion crux!!!!!
-Snowe : don't do it here!!!! 
-Citizen : WAAAA!!!!!

*BOOOMMM..........the entrance gate has destroyed by shaamank,he has lost control because that mask man,and now he try to kill that mask man with his killer weapon.

-Shaamank : DIE!!!!! (Blow his weapon to mask man's face)
-mask man : aero lightning burst! (shoot shaamank's hand and make shaamank throwed to ground)
-Shaamank : ukhhh,,you,who are you! 
-Mask man : i'm....Nelson (open his mask)
-Shaamank : what?you!
-Snowe : master shaamank,are you alright?...master?what are you looking for?
-Shaamank : there.he's back.he's come for us.
-Snowe : wha...what?Nelson?it's you?
-Nelson : yes,it's me....your enemy..
-Snowe : enemy?we never think you are our're our friend
-Shaamank : yeah,'re my friend too
-Nelson : shut up your mouth or i will shoot you all! (aimed his guns at shaamank and snowe)   
-Shaamank :so you want to try the taste of your own blood,heeh?
-Nelson : you're the bullshit,you just can say but can realize what you say.
-Snowe : master,we don't have do this to him.
-Shaamank : don't worry,i know what i do,just make all citizen go out from this nation and bring all their things with them,don't let anyone hurt,because to make this kid comeback is with fight with him.
-Snowe : alright,and please,win this battle.
-Shaamank : i will.
-Nelson : you try to make the citizen go out from here,,isn't it?
-Shaamank (shocked)..why he know??

*Snowe has arrived at central city and try told all citizen to move out from south nation and join leafa because their nation will destroyed by monsters who will fight in minute,and all citizen agree,they move out quikly but in entrance gate,Nelson has block them,shaamank who know that try to make Nelson go away from entrance gate and let citizen go.

-Shaamank : i will make way for you all,prepare your self.Nelson!let's fight!
-Nelson :why we have to fight if i can finish this now? 
            (aimed his pistol to citizen)
-Shaamank : you!!!!!

*suddenly snowe incraft receive a message from lady elenor,

-Snowe : i think your plan won't happen forever.
-Nelson : huhh?....burning shock blast (direct his shoot to sky)
-Snowe : what?


-Snowe : NO!Minerva!
-Nelson : maybe today is your lucky day,Snowe.
-Snowe : gerrrr,,,,,damn you!
-Nelson : just look behind you?
-Snowe : what?Minerva still....
-Nelson : but maybe you're friend need help right now,because i will destroy 
              this nation now....(fly to the sky)
              i give you 1 minute to help your friend and get out from this place!
-Snowe : urghhhh!!!!! (run and try to find Shaamank)
             there you are master,let's get out from here.
-Shaamank : why?
-Snowe : i will tell it to you let's go

*but at the sky

-Nelson : dual technical elemental blast!!! (shoot the nation and destroy it)

*DUUARRRRRR,,,South Nation has destroyed,but snowe,shaamank and all citizen can survive from that attack,,and at the sky Nelson has choose his own decision

-Nelson : with this,i will end all human's pain,and i will give the rose's of happiness to all human

Monday, February 28, 2011


-Lytone : well,Aliane,,,can we have a little break time??
-Aliane  : oh c'mon...we don't have much time.....our destination is near..
-Lytone : okay,okay,,,,but this is the last time you say our destination is near.
-Aliane : i promise.....
-Lytone : let's go now...

*three hours later......

-Lytone : well i give up.....
-Aliane : huhhhh........c'mon....don't be so lazy like this(she tweak Lytone's
-Lytone : auwwww......alright,i will continue....
-Aliane : good.....continue now!
-Lytone : don't be so jealous....
-Aliane : huhhhhh......don't comment anything and go!
-Lytone : wuaaaaa.....(he run so fast)

*one hour later........

-Aliane : well,we have arrive now...
-Lytone : thanks to god...oh god thank you you have save me from this little 
-Aliane : what do you say?can you repeat it?
-Lytone : nope...i don't say anything...
-Aliane : good....
-Lytone : (i think she's a shy girl but my prediction is missed) 
-Aliane : don't be stupid,c'mon we have go to central palace now.
-Lytone : you first,i will follow you from behind....(god please save me again)

*they arrive at nation gate and meet with security general..

-Security General : show your identity card.
-Lytone : let me handle this,,,,,here.....
-Security General : ummmmm,,,,,,okay you can entrance Himospheso Nation,,,,
-Lytone : huhh,,,c'mon Aliane,,,,let's go to the palace now...
-Aliane  : yes......
-Lytone : well ,,,, i want talk something to you after this mission complete.
-Aliane : why don't you talk now?
-Lytone : i'm not ready for now....
-Aliane : i know that,because i want talk to you too.(she's smiling to Lytone)
-Lytone : owwwhhh,,,,,,(whether,she wanted to say i love you yo me? )
-King : ehem....
-Aliane : who's there?
-King : welcome to Himospheso Nation,,,,what are you doing visit my nation? 
          what do you need from my nation?
-Lytone : we just have to give this scroll to you.
-King : well,,,can i see that?ummmm.......(well well i can abuse them to finish
           my briliant plant)okay,i will accept that request,,but i have negotiate 
           with my you can rest for a few days until i have finish 
          negotiate with my ministers.....
-Lytone : well,we accept that....but please do as fast as you can....
-King : i will (fufufu,,,,,well this people is to easy)well,my servant will show 
          the way to your room....please enjoy it...
-Lytone : thanks.....
-Aliane : do you think this is to easy than we thought?
-Lytone : i know that,maybe we have to be careful....
-Aliane : maybe we have investigate this nation...
-Lytone : i think so,,,but we have rest now and we will start our ivestigation 
-Aliane : alright....
-Servant : alright this is your room
-Lytone : thanks,you may go back now...
-Servant : yes sir....

*At King palace,the servant report to the king if the mission is done…the kin smile and kill the servant….and the king order his another servant to throw away the dead servant…

-King Embrasde : wahahaha… this world will be mine….with the power of cursed Rune…
-Servant : my lord,the time has come…
-King Embrasde : I know that,,(and slash his servant body with his sword)
-Servant : ukkhhh,,,,,,(Brukk)

*And the meeting is start,King Embrasde tell his plan to his ministers,he proud for himself and laugh….Ministers just sit and listen to what their king say,they don’t have a brave to say anthing or complain to their king….

-King Embrasde : my plan will complete and I will rule this world… what do you say my ministers?
-Ministers : ………..
-King Embrasde : so it’s mean you all understand and will help me to fulfill that..
-Minister : NO!!!I WON’T HELP YOU!!!!I WILL STOP THAT!!!IUKHHHH….(Brukk,he is dead)
-King Embrasde : well well,is there another traitor who want die with my sword?

*Suddenly Lytone and Aliane come to meeting room and say

-Lytone : meee
-King Embrasde : what are you two doing here?
-Lytone : don’t say like like a dog in cage….so what will you do now?huhh..your plan is useless now…
-King Embrasde : huh,,,hey my ministers attack him and that girl..(give a command to his ministers)
-Ministers : ………( they don’t move)
-King Embrasde : gerrrrr…..YOU ALL WILL DIE!!!! (crass,,he slash all his ministers)
-Lytone : you!!!Shark Ripper….you will receive the punishment….(go attack King Embrasde)
-King Embrasde : I don’t think will do that with so easly

*Suddenly King’s Superior Soldiers come and counter Lytone’s attack…..they throw Lytone out from meeting room…

-Aliane : LYTONE!!!!what are you doing to my friend! ( she’s angry)
-King Embrasde : I don’t do anything,I just give him a punishment
-Aliane : you’re not a god!don’t say you can give a punishment to human….
-King Embrasde : bla bla bla……let’s go my soldier….we have go from here and get a place to hide for a moment..( he run and leave the palace)
-Superior Soldiers : yes my lord!
-Aliane : I won’t let you go!! ( rady to attack with her magic)
-King Embrasde : huhh
-Aliane : kyaaa,,,,,,,, (her attack has been counter by King Embrasde’s soldiers)

*King Embrasde has been go out from the palace with his soldier….but suddenly

-Lytone : Thunder Ball Shocker!!!
-King Embrasde : damnt it……all remaining soldier!!!attack and kill him!(he’s give command to his soldier)
-Lytone : Shark Ripper,,,,Thunder Sharks Bite!!!!! (sfx:ctarrrr)
-Super Soldiers : uarggghhhh!!!!! ( they instantly die after receive Lytone’s attack)
-Lytone : well well,there is a loser one there….hey there!do you want die?
-King Embrasde : you’ll never get me alive!
-Lytone : wow wow,,take it easy guys….(crash,,,lytone slash King Embrasde)I have say before…..i can kill you here and right now.

*finally,King Embrasde’s plan will stop forever,but there isn’t anyone who know exactly where King Embrasde hide the cursed scroll,that scroll has a secret way to raise the power to all rune and the way to stop Lenthom’s plan is in that scroll,Their mission has complete but they need to find that scroll,in other situation,In Minerva,Lady Elenor has receive a message from Lytone,she command Mr.Hovard to go to Lytone’s location.

-Lady Elenor : now we will go towards Lytone position,Mr.Hovard please take it faster than normal.
-Mr.Hovard : take it easy,I will make you arrive in minutes…..all crew prepare to go.
-Crews : yess sir!

*unexpectable,they just need 2 minutes to arrive at destination with Mr.Hovard magic,well with the size of Minerva now,,,Leafa can’t take all people in this world just with one aircraft,they need to built more aircrafts to bring all people with them,but now Clancy and dyvor have arrived at Infortalen Kingdom and meet Havier.

-Havier : welcome,welcome…….well you two come here to discuss about that,isn’t it?
-Clancy : you’re right……and we need your technology power and your people power…
-Havier : ehh???NO!!!you can’t use my people to war with Lenthom….
-Petraluca : but your majesty,this is our chance to defeat that devil
-Havier : we can’t use our people to end that,,,I’m Havier as king of Infortalen kingdom won’t let anyone use my people to war with that evil.
-Petraluca : but your majesty,we have to end that monster if we don’t want our people died without do anything.
-Havier : I will protect them with my life.
-Clancy : ( I never think,Havier an ambisious man has big love to his people)……alright,we won’t make you do what you don’t want to do,but if we all in dangerious condition,we don’t have another choice.
-Havier : alright,I accept that,,,but I won’t let that happen easly……alright,Petraluca,send all armies to the battlefield,use the highest techonolgies we have now…….and tell all people to prepare for battle for protect their self.
-Petraluca : I understood my lord (go and leave from King Palace)
-Clancy : but,we have one problem,,,,
-Havier : what is that?
-Dyvor : Nelson,they boy who has lose from you.
-Havier : that Rune user,,,never mind,we will win without that boy (he say with so calm)
-Dyvor : but!we need his power to block Lenthom first attack (he start angry)
-Clancy : Dyvor,hold your emotion,he is right,Nelson’s gone because our fault…..(sad)
-Havier : alright,tomorrow,we wil start our trip so prepare your self….(leave King palace with so calm)
-Dyvor : he is make me lost control…and I can’t control my emotions,,,,why he can show he’s other side in situation like this?he is so calm and…….have a big love in his heart.
-Clancy : I think you are right,we can’t be like him,but I wnt to try to be like him,,,,,,can show smile face to all people,,,,,because my father always do that,,and I want to be like my father,,,
-Dyvor : of course you can,,,even if you are younger than me,,,it won’t effect anything…
-Clancy :huhh,,,,alright let’s go to have a break.

*Finally,Clancy and Dyvor go to rest,,,,,,and at another situation,Havier and Petraluca meet in underground of Kingdom palace,Havier looks angry because what they have talk before with Clancy and Dyvor,,,,,,Petraluca try to make his king to be happy,,,,,but,Havier is in big emotion,,,actually,he never want to use his people to war,whatever,,,he decide to war with Petraluca and his armies,and he don’t want let his people to used like a machine to war.....

-Havier : i’ve decide to go just with you and our Armies,and please,don’t make me to use our people to war with that evil.
-Petraluca : of course i will,i know what do you feel,your majesty........i feel same thing,just like you..because i’m human too...
-Havier : Can you move our people to save place.
-Petraluca : I can do that, maybe our underground is the perfect place to safe our people from war but whe need to load some stock of food and water to them until the war is over.
-Havier : we can’t use our underground, Lenthom has know perfectly about that place….maybe we can use that ancient place.
-Petraluca : do you mean, the first place of Kingdom Infortalen?
-Havier : yes,because that place are hidden in big forest,and we have our last weapon if that evil can defeat us
-Petraluca : after your father and another engineers successful built that weapon,all of engineers have killed by that weapon and your father has success to seal that weapon and move the capital city to this place.
-Havier : I never heard that before,but thanks you have tell me about that.
-Petraluca : that the used of me.

*Lady Elenor,Mr.Hovard,Lytone and Aliane have load all people from South Nation,they prepare to go to Infortalen Kingdom and load more people,their plan have reach the final….

-Lady Elenor : after we go to Infortalen,we will rendezvous at point 238x,told Charlgemene and Snowe to rendezvous there.
-Hovard : I understand,,,,,,,,,,,,Charlegmene,can you hear me?

*In south West Nation,Charlegmene is talking with Mr.Hovard with Incrat (communication system that used wind power to get the signal and like wireless) and Lino is trying to talk to people in that Island to listen with Leafa’s Plans,but there isn’t anyone who agree with it.

-Charlegmene : it’s little difficult to make them understand,maybe,better we let them die here
-Mr.Hovard : we can’t do that,because our armies isn’t enough until now..we need to recruit more armies,and our primary objective is to save all human in this world.
-Charlegmene : I know that,but can you hear this? All people in this Nation don’t want trust us.
-Mr.Hovard : do you have talk with the king?
-Charlegmene : yes I have,the king are agree with that plan but the citizen won’t agree with that.
-Mr.Hovard : alright,thank you for the information,and please don’t forget to rendezvous at point 238x
-Charlegmene : alright,,,,,,,,(huft,it’s too difficult….if that kid is here,maybe this thing will go so easly,but now this situation are not like that)……….alright,,,hey Kid wait for me